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Enjoy precious moments in the company of my trusted Bangalore escorts. I have a team of girls who take great care to provide luxury and discreet sensual services to any esteemed gentleman like you. Myself Anshika Apte and my team stand committed to making adult entertainment in this part of the country accessible and affordable. Come to me if you are looking for an erotic experience with a hot sultry diva. My girls will respond to your needs for erotic pleasures 24/7.

There is so much to explore with an escort in your arm. Look forward to unforgettable memories of a Bangalore trip with my divas in your arms. If you are with any of my girls, rest assured there should never be any dull moment. Look to unwind in the company of a lady who is caring & compassionate and can serve your erotic needs.


I have with me 60 independent Bangalore escorts and the headcount stands at 61, if you include me. I can proudly say I have the girls who can make your heads turn. We serve clients in all prominent Bangalore locations. For specific information, you are welcome to scroll the location page.

In my team there are 14 VIP girls and 36 verified escort girls. We are a passionate team and always striving hard to exceed your expectations. Meet any of my girls inside a locked room and you will get to experience professional and discreet adult services at its very best.


My escort service Bangalore is for esteemed clients like you who are searching for companionship & relaxation and sensual satisfaction. My girls are hot & horny but open-minded and friendly. Whenever you meet, they will offer you a good time and treat you like a king.

My enthusiastic female escorts are skilled in their profession and can cater to the needs of a demanding man. Moreover, we will maintain secrecy and not utter a word about your date to anyone ever. After the date, you can get on with normal life and no one from our end will disturb you.

Our Independent Bangalore Girls


Let me clarify the reasons why my escort services are the most sought after within the local community. Despite having competitors, my team has managed to stay ahead of the curve for client bookings for these reasons.

Serving You 24/7

My Bangalore escorts are ready to cater to your sensual needs 24/7. So, if you need erotic services even at midnight, we will respond to your call. We are always quick to respond to the call of clients, because I have girls based in every location of Bangalore. Unless you need someone specific, I can send an escort to your place in half an hour.

Trained Escorts

I have the best escorts on my team. I am selective on whom I take on board with me. Once they become a part of my team, they undergo a training process to become skilled in the profession. My girls have the best facial features and seductive looks. They also take the occasional facial massage to preserve their beauty. They do the regular workouts to flaunt a perfectly toned body. If you have to consider body assets, my girls are second to none.

Scope to Seduce Celebrity Escorts

I can spring up surprises and present you with the scope to seduce celebrity escorts. The girls who act in the movies are now ready to be your companions in the bedroom. In this segment, you can look to enjoying yourself with Sandalwood girls and beyond. There is the scope to seduce Bhojpuri & Tamil, Telugu, and even Bollywood divas.

Safe and Reliable Services

I also offer safe and reliable escort Bangalore services. During an outcall date, my girls will have access to your home interior, but they will not touch anything. They are reliable and will do everything to make your moments pleasurable.

These are some reasons why the hunks have been using my services for their erotic needs. My girls are waiting to submit to your carnal desires.


To those of you searching for Bangalore escorts, I can present a varied range of girls for your erotic needs. Here are the types of variations I can come up with for those of you in search of top rated model escorts.

Young Escorts

You can look forward to seducing teenage escorts in Bangalore associated with me. These are mostly college students but despite a young age, they are quick learners. I have been training them and like good students they have picked up the tricks nicely. They can satisfy your erotic cravings in the bedroom.

Housewife Escorts

My team also consists of newlywed housewives who love their role as Bangalore call girls. Most of these ladies are lonely because their husbands are unable to give them time. In some instances, their husbands could be located outstation and they would love to enter your bedroom in the quest to satisfy their own erotic cravings. It is not only the newlyweds, but I also have some MILF escorts in my team. These ladies have children to look after but despite that can spare time for you. They bring a lot more experience into play between the sheets.

Overseas Escorts

Look forward to having a nice time with the overseas escorts associated with me. Sitting in Bangalore I can bring about a foreign flavor to your adult entertainment routine. You can look forward to enjoying yourself with girls from other states of India and foreign. Most of these girls are today based in Bangalore for careers & higher studies. Seeing the lucrative earnings prospects of an escort, they have come on board with me to offer adult services. This is the reason I can place these girls before you to seduce. In this segment, I would like to speak highly about the Russian escorts in Bangalore. These charming and lovely girls can satisfy demanding men.


I lead a confident team of escorts ready to serve your sensual needs. My girls are focused and will take the extra effort to make sure you are enjoying and having a memorable time. They can read the minds of guys quickly and that separates them from some of the other adult service providers. They will quickly grasp your needs and adjust their services accordingly.

My call girls in Bangalore are renowned for exceeding the expectations of clients. The guys have plenty of nice things to say about my girls. This is perhaps just the reason why as a team, we get plenty of repeat bookings and references. My business has flourished on reputation.


Penetration is a popular theme and my independent escorts will oblige to such requests easily. Do I have to wear a condom during the session? Plenty of clients put forward such questions and you should always take such precautions to prevent the unwanted hassles of childbirth. Here are the types of penetrations; you can look forward to enjoying from my girls.

Anal Penetration

My Bangalore escort divas are ready to cater to your needs for anal sex. This is a theme, where you will have to put your dick inside the anus of the girl. There is also the scope to touch the anus of the girl. Are you eager to have sex without a condom? This is the theme to try out because the anus is not connected to her reproductive system. This way you can set aside fears of a child birth. You must go slow and use plenty of lubricants for the session to be memorable. The girl will guide you at every stage.

Vagina Penetration

Vagina sex is another popular theme you can enjoy with my independent escorts. The term mentions it all and this time your penis will go into her vagina. Do you need some form of arousal before vagina penetration? You can try out anything with the sexy Bangalore escorts ranging from caressing & rubbing or even having some oral sex. At some stage, your penis will be erect and her vagina will begin to moisten. That is the moment to go for it and you are bound to enjoy going through the motions with the girl. Be gentle at the point of guiding the penis into the vagina and things should be fine.


Do you need a sensual massage service right now? I have seen guys in two minds on the verge of enjoying escort services. Some of the guys are hesitant about enjoying themselves in bed with an unknown girl. If you are in two minds, you can seek exposure to the sensual massages from my girls. This can be a perfect prelude to the erotic fun in bed.

My escorts can pamper you with a wide range of sensual massages. You can try out a lingam massage or a Thai theme. A slide on the body from the girl can be the icing on the cake. Here are some reasons why you would want to seek an erotic massage from the girls.

Make You Feel Relaxed

These massages in general are good for your body, mind and soul. Have you been leading a fast-paced lifestyle? The pressure to perform could be the reason you are mentally exhausted. A sensual massage from my escort girls in Bangalore can help to set things straight.

Enhance Blood Circulation in the Body

Did you know that a sensual massage can help to enhance blood circulation in the body? If you are suffering from any form of pain, the massage can work as an alternative medicine therapy. This is always the better option than taking medicines that could lead to side effects.

Reduce Muscle Tension and Problems

Are you facing any problem with aching muscles? You should plan to enjoy a sensual massage from my massage escorts. It can relax your ligaments & tissues, nodes and give them relief. Go through a few sessions with my girls and you are bound to feel relieved.

Erotic Arousals

These massage sessions also help to cause erotic arousals. A lingam massage is about the Bangalore escort girl working on your penis. Do you suffer from any type of erectile dysfunction? This will impact your capacity to deliver a bed performance and this is one more reason you can lie down on the massage table.

You can book a massage service, and the girl will be happy to come over to your home, or hotel to offer the session. It is better to enjoy it outcall and this way you will not be driving back home quickly. You can lie down and enjoy the relaxed feeling for a longer duration.


Are you eager to spend cozy and intimate moments with VIP Bangalore escorts? If so, you have reached the right web portal. As a service provider for independent Bangalore escorts, I can help you to meet your dream girl. You can look forward to hot erotic pleasures from her.


The prospect of seducing older women can be fascinating and these divas can bring in more flesh and experience in the bedroom. You will find them confident ladies and ready to go to the extremes to satisfy your erotic urge. Call me if you intend to enjoy with MILF escorts in Bangalore.


Do you love to seduce the young college girl Bangalore escorts? These girls have the best facial features & seductive looks and toned bodies. They can spice up your bedroom moments with passion and intimacy. Come to me if you intend to have such a companion in your private space.


The newly-wed housewife escorts in Bangalore would love to meet you guys. Their hubbies could be outstation for job assignments and they are starved of sensuality. These girls are ready to jump into your bed and make your life hot. Call me if you need such a companion for yourself.


Adult entertainment in this part of the country is longer confined to closed doors. Spend some time with my dating girls in Bangalore, and you will feel the fun could not have been more pleasant. Are you unable to court a girl for any reason whatsoever? It takes plenty of pleading to court your lady love. If you do not have time you are welcome to meet our team of dating girls. You can hit the dance floor or enjoy a cozy candlelit dinner. It should be fun to flaunt a hot and attractive girlfriend right in front of everyone.

This is a service, which is devoid of nagging that original wives and girlfriends resort to. It is about all the good things of having a girlfriend. You can visit the party circuit with the diva in your arm and the girl will behave just the way you want.


I can offer you Bangalore escorts for every occasion. Do you need someone to be by your side on December 31st evening? You might also want a Valentine Day partner for yourself. We have got you covered with professional escort services for every occasion. Our girls will understand your needs and adjust the service according to your specifications.


Look forward to some exciting role-plays as a part of my escort service. Adult entertainment is getting more diverse & exciting and my girls have been leading from the forefront. Here are some trending role-plays you can look forward to from the girls.

Boss and Secretary

A boss and a secretary would suit any individual who loves power behind closed doors. A hot and obedient secretary performing the strip tease and all those erotic acts can be a memorable experience for you.

A Policewoman and Criminal

You can also look forward to being dominated by the Bangalore escort girl. She could perhaps play a policewoman and you are on the wrong side of the law. Things should heat up with such unique offerings from my elite independent escorts in Bangalore.

Some of these themes could be dominating in nature, but that will be light and only intended to offer you fun. The girl will stretch only to the point you are comfortable. For BDSM, there is scope to reverse roles, and you will enjoy the moments.


I have led a team of girls offering escort services in Bangalore for quite some time now. As a team, we have always stressed customer satisfaction and the objective is to make sure you are happy with our services. Spend some time with the model escorts and they can mesmerize you with unique services. They love the prospect of meeting handsome and unknown men. Invite them to your bedroom and they can spice up the moments with fun & laughter and positive energy.


You will be excited at the prospect of meeting my independent escorts in Bangalore, and that should be an easy process. Most of these girls contact me for escort jobs and that is the moment, I upload information on my web portal. You will come across the photo of the girl and her details. You get to know about her body figure and the services, she offers.

Once you choose a girl offering escort services, you can get back to me. I will coordinate with the diva on your behalf and work out the date. Do you intend to enjoy the fun incall our outcall? You can convey to me these specifics and it is my responsibility to put you inside a locked room with the girl. This is now your moment with the girl and you can do whatever you like.


As a result of offering dedicated escort Bangalore services, I have plenty of happy clients. Here is what some of them have had to say about our services as a team.

R Valki

I am a happy customer of Anshika Apte and I enjoyed myself immensely in the company of Aditi. She came over to my home in Koramangala to offer me a sensual massage. I found her to be a professional but caring girl. She gave me a nice massage and I felt refreshed.

Mukul Roy

I was in Bangalore last December and I enjoyed myself immensely with Radha. I booked with her via Anshika Apte, and she met me at my rented accommodation in Whitefield. I enjoyed myself seducing her in bed and found her to be a lovely & cheerful girl. I will be looking forward to meeting her when I go there in June.

K Rastogi

I used the services of Shilpa to satisfy my erotic needs when I was in Bangalore about a fortnight back. I came across her photographs on the web portal of Anshika Apte. When I met her, she looked much better than those photographs. I spent some time in bed with her and she was a livewire. She satisfied my carnal desires and I will be telling everyone good things about her.


  • You surely have the liberty to speak to local contacts, but it is always better to browse my online portal in search of Bangalore escorts. This way you need not have to speak to anyone and run into an embarrassing situation. We have uploaded genuine photos and information on the girls.

  • We maintain a strict policy to recruit girls for escort services in Bangalore only above the age of 18. There are no restrictions on the upper age limit.

  • The celebrity escorts are famous girls and they will be eager to avoid a scandal. This is the reason why we are unable to upload all the photos. For such information, you will have to contact me in person and express your desires.

  • Unless you desire someone specific, I can put you in touch with an escort girl within half an hour. My girls can beat the traffic to reach out to you and serve your sensual needs.

  • If you are unable to control your emotions and have fallen for any of my girls, you can meet her as many times as you want. However, you will have to draw the line somewhere because it is a professional service. My girls do not like being asked personal questions and you will have to show some restraint.

  • Yes, you will have to treat the girls with respect and behave nicely with her. You should not force her into offering a service that she is not comfortable with. You should not ask her to stretch beyond her limits.

  • Yes, I have girls who can be your travel companion to outstation spots. They can be your companions to a long drive to Mysore or even a weekend trip to Ooty. They will help you to handle boredom and you can also seduce them in the hotel room.

  • No such services are only meant for your entertainment and we will only proceed after receiving your consent. Being an esteemed client you will be allowed to choose your role. Even if you decide to play the submissive, the girl will stretch only up to the point you are comfortable.

  • Yes, the girls are ready to offer services according to your specifications. Call me if you need a shopping companion for yourself. Are you buying for a female member of the family? My girls will know their preferences better and can help you to make a choice.

  • No, the quotes are not adjustable and they are cheap when you compare them with competitors. I can provide you with the best girls to seduce at affordable prices.

  • You can pay her cash or any other known mediums of digital transactions. You can pay her as you like and that should be a problem.